Gutter Installation

Gutter Installation Marietta GA

Installing a new gutter system to a home is not a simple task. Conveying water from your roof and away from your home is crucial to keeping water from intruding into your home.

Having a properly designed and installed gutter system adds value to your home, protects your roof, sliding and foundation, as well making your home loo great. Gutters Plus has been a leading gutter installation specialist in the Atlanta market since 2002. We are the name you can trust for all your gutter installation, repair and cleaning needs.

There are two aspects to every gutter system - the material / hardware and the installation of that hardware. The gutter hardware is important and there are multiple types to choose from.

The proper installation is what truly separates Gutters Plus from the crowd. We have expertise and the experience of hundreds on installations as well as unmatched customer service and craftsmanship.

Gutter Installation and Cleaning

Gutter installation is a science and not something that someone can just pick up overnight. There are numerous things critical to properly installing gutters and channeling rainwater away from a house including:

Gutter Pitch or Slope

Gutters installed at an improper or level pitch prevents water from flowing down the downspouts and creates areas of standing water causing rust through or insect infestation Precise slope of the gutters ensures optimal rate of water flow toward the downspouts.  If you don't do this the gutters will hold water which can cause the gutter to pull away from the home because of the weight of the gutters Our installers check every gutter with a level to insure correct insulation practice.

Gutter Downspouts

A downspout in the wrong location or no downspout at all leads to standing water or overflows during heavy rains. Proper location and proper number of downspouts have to be calculated.  Wrong location can mean water getting into your home or cause foundation issues.  Not enough downspouts can lead to standing water in the gutters or overflows during heavy rain.

A prime consideration for an efficient gutter system is the number, and placement, of downspouts, which carry water from the gutters to the ground. The team at Gutters Plus understands that homeowners generally prefer, for aesthetic reasons, to minimize the number of downspouts and use their expert knowledge to calculate and conceal the optimal amount of downspouts for your home.

Flashing / Drip Edge

Flashing is hardware installed between the back of the gutters and the roof line. No flashing or not enough flashing exposes bare wood and can damage your shingles or deck underneath We always install gutters behind the flashing to prevent wood damage.  Homes with no flashing or incorrect flashing exposes bare wood to moisture and can damage your shingles, fascia or roof decking.

Gutter Location on the Fascia

The fascia is the long, straight board that runs along the lower edge of your roof. If gutters are installed plum to roof on the fascia, they will not carry as much water away. Fascia can be plum or angled and may have trim at the top next to the roofing material. When installing we make sure the placement of the gutter is correctly done and the products used insure they work correctly and don't sage over time.

Gutter Support Mechanisms

Gutters should be installed with screws not nails and should also have supports strategically spaced under the gutters and screwed into the rafter tail to insure a good secure hold to the house. We use the strongest and best hidden hangers on the market . They are strategically spaced to insure your system is solid.

Gutter Seams

Gutters need to be aligned perfectly or you can have leaking seams. Seamless gutters only have seams at corners but need to be aligned perfectly and fastened and sealed correctly to avoid leaks.  We use a generous amount of top grade sealant to achieve water tight corners & end caps.