Gutters Plus - About Us

With years of experience combined with client input we can provide homeowners the quality they deserve. Gutters Plus is a service provider that is honest, dependable and is going to be with them before, during and after the work is done.

Too many times we have seen homeowners deceived, mislead of even pressured into a contract that is unfair or "just not right". Our commitment to each homeowner is to provide a fair and consistent price while delivering a high-quality finished product each and every time, all guaranteed by Gutters Plus.

Charlie Dallavalle Jr. President Gutters Plus
Charlie Dallavalle Jr. President Gutters Plus
Charles Dallavalle Sr. Estimator/Project Supervisor Gutters Plus
Charles Dallavalle Sr. Estimator/Project Supervisor Gutters Plus

Charlie Dallavalle Jr. is the Founder and President of Painting Plus, Inc. As a teenager he was employed with his Uncles business Dunn-Right Construction. He has been working in the construction industry for over 20 years and is a business graduate from the University of Georgia.

While at UGA he owned and operated a small window cleaning and painting business. After graduation, he determined that construction was his passion. As a true entrepreneur, he started Painting Plus, Inc.

in the spring of 1998. Since the beginning he has been creating unique, exteriors for homeowners all over Atlanta. Charlie is a trendsetter in the industry and intends to be the most sought after home improvement company in the Atlanta market while continuing to exceed people's expectations with quality and service.

Charlie has built the Plus Services brand, including Gutters Plus and continues the company's reputation as the one of the best and most recognizable contractors in the area.

Charles Dallavalle Sr. brings guidance and executive management to Gutters Plus. He has been in sales and management essentially his entire life, as an executive manager with medical giant Novartis for 32 years.

He was the east coast manager and led the region several years winning countless awards. Since his retirement several years ago, he joined his oldest son's business and took over the entire gutter division, managing all financial aspects and product lines.

Charles is one of the only owners of a 7″ gutter machine in the state of Georgia and can fabricate commercial gutters at any given time. Charles handles key accounts such as apartment complexes, churches and commercial buildings.

Charles grew up in New Jersey and graduated from Seton Hall University with a degree in Business Management.